FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol is an internet protocol. It is used to upload and manage files on your website. To upload files via FTP you will need FTP account. Please check out our post about how to create FTP account. We will use the free solution FileZilla (Windows, Mac, Linux) to connect and upload files. Uploading files FTP account in cPanel is very easy, follow the steps below.

Add Entry/FTP Account:

  1. Open FileZilla.
  2. Go to File > Site Manager.
  3. Click on New Site and type name.
  4. Type Host name. e.g: ftp.youdomain.com
  5. Select FTP - File Transfer Protocol in Protocol.
  6. Select Encryption type as Only Use Plain FTP (Insecure).
  7. Set Logon Type to Normal.
  8. Enter Username and Password.
  9. Click Ok and entry will be saved.

Upload/Download Files:

  1. Go to Site Manager, select the FTP Account you created then click Connect or just click the down arrow under File and click on the FTP Account to connect.
  2. Once you are connected you will see Local Site at left and Remote Site at right
  3. Drag and drop the files to start upload/download from or to Remote Site.

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