According to the state of being unemployed is referred to as unemployment. Unemployment means no job, rather a person’s inadequacy to fit into a workplace environment. If a person is capable enough, he/she can knock on the doors of employers with their CVs speaking for their credentials. Where there are so many serious concerns threatening a country’s position in the League of Nations like health issues, education and many more, unemployment too is a matter of great concern for so many countries. The issues may vary from country to country, unemployment stays among the top few alarming concerns for most of the countries.

Unemployment has been a major concern especially for the developing countries. Hundreds of thousands of fresh graduates set their eyes on jobs oblivious of the fact that there are already thousands of unemployed people waiting for the opportunity to come their way. Who is responsible for unemployment? We, the individuals or the government? Before blaming anyone we need to know every ‘what’ and ‘why’ related to unemployment in one way or the other. We, as a whole, are responsible for unemployment. Neither the education nor the education system alone can be blamed.

Let’s just focus on ourselves before criticizing the government. Are we willing to get employed, or we want to break bread by staying at home without having to do anything? Most of us do not want to be employed, so the responsibility lies with the individual in this case. Is unemployment the responsibility of an employer? Well, morally yes but economically he’s not responsible for this. Is unemployment the responsibility of the consumer? If a consumer puts an end to consuming, industry will stop producing the gadgets or the widgets thereby creating unemployment. Is unemployment the responsibility of the people who govern? Yes, they should make employment easier not harder.

Getting out of our comfort zones is not what we’re good at, we don’t want to do new things to create employment for ourselves. We wait for the job to get to us instead of thinking out of the box and creating something for ourselves. That’s what intelligent people do, even if they don’t get the desired output they come out victors. So, the responsibility rests with the individual first and then with the other things like education system and a few other factors.

Defective Education System

Moving towards the education system, what’s the reason behind graduates and post-graduates walking pillar to post to find living? Even with the degrees in hands people knock the doors of the offices even for the position of a clerk. And the ‘no vacancy’ boards outside the office mocks them more often than not. One of the main reasons behind all this is the defective education system. There’s no proper planning and no professional counselling available for the students to decide their futures. We (as Pakistani) belong to an agricultural country but most of us are not willing to contribute to that, instead we are happy to wander all day long in search of a petty-clerk’s post.

Had there been proper planning and career counselling, the son of a farmer would have learnt new ways and means to enhance the agricultural produce instead of rotting in cities looking for employment. Not just he’d have had a better living but his country would have benefitted from his decision above all. Education system is to be blamed here. Where there is already congestion of electrical engineers, universities are producing more than required engineers, ultimately leading to unemployment. The governments need to keep a check on the number of graduates needed in a particular field and enroll students accordingly.

Had there been a proper education system and adequate planning, there would have been more agricultural research institutes and colleges where students would have learnt the state of the art technologies to make their countries stand in the list of the greats. Even where there are such colleges, an ordinary man’s son cannot even get admission. The expenditures are touching the skies, there’s no way a son of a farmer can afford the fee. Besides, the standard of education varies from college to college. There are only a few universities imparting quality education whereas others are just fulfilling the formalities.

There’s no proper check and balance. The authorities like Higher Education Commission pay no heed towards planning, instead every single university (which don’t even have the basic lab facilities) get approved. Had there been a standard criteria for education where only those institutes with living up-to the standards would get the recommendation rather be accepted as institutes, there would have been a more talented and more skilled lot knocking at the doors of organizations. There would be no more ‘experienced candidates preferred’ conditions for employment.

Pakistan does not have a similar education system which contributes to a lot of trouble for the students as well as the organizations. The students are not of the same level. One gets a higher grade point average while studying in a low-grade university whereas another student who is a lot more skilled gets the grinding in a high ranked university and gets a lower GPA than the minimum criteria. He does not qualify for the job and ultimately the organization suffers as well the student.

The point is that there’s a lot of improvement needed in our education system if we’re to get anywhere near the prosperous nations, otherwise we are bound to suffer. Our difficulties as a nation would decrease manifold if our education system gets better. It needs to be revolutionized, however, we need to choose those who govern us a responsibility rather than just filling their own pockets.


This essay won Second Prize in Essay Contest 2015 which was arranged by Gold Falcon (A Project of XeCreators)


Aftab Saqib

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