Textile designing can broadly be characterized as an art of innovating and creating different kinds of fabrics, designs and looks of and from different textiles. An untrained eye would see textiles in more or less the same manner and therefore would not be able to differentiate between them. Similarly, a lay man does not know that a normal textile could be made in different ways. For instance; it could be a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, it could be completely natural, knitted or woven.

Textile and Fashion Designing are often considered as an arts curriculum, but it is very important to identify and recognize the fact that it has to do a great deal with the enhancement and promotion of our culture. As we keep on stepping into the modern world we are leaving behind our culture and heritage. This is not only affecting the value of our crafts and artisans, it is depriving our country of the chance to cherish global appreciation and economic growth.

For the development of a country, it is important to look into the prospects where there is a window to grow and develop. At this point in time, textile is one of the fastest growing industries all over the world.

The experience of a textile or a design degree goes farther than the restrictions of a text book and therefore provides you the chance to test your limits and use your creativity to its full extent. It gives you the chance to not only create designs but also innovate according to your own capabilities. It provides you the chance to write the future of the fashion world and create beautiful color combinations.

In a textile degree you not only learn how to create designs, you also learn skills like photography, computer software, and printing etc. It also develops your eye for contrasts and interiors. All this comes together to provide you with a vast range of career options. For example, with the help of the software you learn, you can peruse your career as a graphic designer or you can choose interior designing or photography.

The job of a textile designer is to foresee the future and create garments, accessories, bedding, furniture and a variety of other common everyday items that are fashion forward and appealing to the eye. The textile industry of our country produces a lot of fabric however, it is important to understand that in order to enhance and spread our culture worldwide, we have to educate ourselves about the international market and trends. This will allow us to produce the fabric that is up to date with the international trends.

When Ttextile Designing is being considered as an option for higher studies, it is eminent to understand the process the process of design creation. This is important as it is essential to know all the things and skills that are needed to survive through the four years of the degree. Computer software is the best way to create designs these days, the application of drawing your basic idea in the form of an illustration is still there.

There are several institutes in Pakistan which offers a degree in Textile Designing, among which famous institutes are:

  • Karachi School of Arts.
  • Iqra University.
  • National College of Arts.
  • Textile institute of Pakistan.
  • Beaconhouse National University.


This post is written by Mahnoor Haroon Niazi (BTD Iqra University Islambad Campus)

Aftab Saqib

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