By the grace of Almighty Allah, another milestone is achieved by completion of Gold Falcon Essay Contest 2018.  We announced the contest in end of May 2018 and accepted essays till 8th July 2018. After that the hard part for us started. That is analysis and checking of the hard work of participants. The analysis phase was carried out in 3 phases. In first phase all essays were checked for plagiarism and word count. Essays with more than 20% plagiarism were marked negatively while essays with 30% or more were disqualified. Similarly essays which does not met the criteria of word count that is 800-1000 were also disqualified. In first phase 14 essays were disqualified who will not receive any certificate.

In next phase initial analysis of all essays was done in which 9 essays are rejected for not reaching the mark of competition. Although for their hard work, these 9 writers will get Certificate of Participation.

For the third and final phase, 58 Essays were forwarded to our Chief Judge Miss Afraz Jabeen, (English Lecturer and Published writer). She thoroughly checked and graded the essays on basis of Content, Structure, Logic and Transitions, vocabulary and Punctuations.

The essays with highest marks were re analyzed by our panel of judges after a full and systematic analysis.


Azka Azgar from Fazaia Inter College Jinnah Camp, Nur Khan airbase Rawalpindi.

Runner Up:

Malaika Suleman, Hamdard University Islamabad Campus.


Winner will be contacted by our team. There is only one cash prize of Rs. 10,000/-  Certificates will be dispatched to all participants (except disqualified) in due time. Best essays will also be shared on our website.

Certificates Distribution Ceremony:

Disclaimer: The decision of our judges is final. It can not be challenged by anyone at any platform.

Aftab Saqib

Aftab Saqib is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at XeCreators. He specializes in designing and conducting training programs related to Web and IT, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and Career Development. In addition, he possesses skills in algorithm design and DevOps management for web applications.

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