”When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts. John Adams in his book of evolution of education theory says ”education is a bipolar process in which one’s personality acts upon another to modify the development of other personality. There are two elements required for education; The educator and educand. The educand is inspired and motivated by his educator. The educator imparts his worthwhile knowledge and wisdom to his educand. Such a transfer included both social, mental and spiritual enlightment and values.

To better understand the concept of modern education and its effects, we need to understand first, the meaning of education. Education is the process that makes man civilized, tolerant and a better member of society. It provides awareness and practical implementation of knowledge. It enables the man to put his brain powers, passion in a way to make it use positively.

In order to enlighten the importance of education let us recall an incident mentioned in our HOLY QURAN. When Allah created the first human being,”Hazrat Adam(A.S),he provided him with the most powerful  weapon of knowledge which made him superior to all creations and that is one of the reason why human beings are given the title of’ ..”Ashraf-ul-mukhlukat”.

”Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

”Education is the beautification of inner world and outer world. ‘Over the centuries man has recognized education to be of utmost importance. Along the passage of time, people came up with innovative and theoretically more fruitful ideas to educate people. There was a time when people set out on a long journey to seek education. They would become life long and committed students of wise and erudite pedagogues. Now desired information is a click away. Technology advancements, scientific knowledge breaks through innumerable experiments have not only modernized the acquisition of education but also have changed mentality of mankind. This leads to the undermining of creativity and imagination. Where modern education has resulted in scientific advancements and numerous facilities, it has distanced families.

The modern education system was introduced in the twentieth century to fulfill the requirements of industrial revolution. It was an education system directed towards market scopes and demands .Students were supposed to choose a career that gave them material benefit. A while later, technological and vocational trainings were made a part of education system. It also changed the mindset of people. Remarkable discoveries, inventions led to a social evolution. Either it was a fallacious or fair is a tiresome debate.

Now days we are living in the reign of competition. We are living in the reign of competition. Every one wants to compete with others. Even if he is a child or a full grown man, if we take the case of a student; every one emphasize on getting grades or to be a position holder rather than getting knowledge. Education is more about making money than getting knowledge.

This competition associated with modern education is a basic foundation through which almost every evil springs out. Either it’s a jealousy, selfishness or lying. It is a sad truth that even we are the humans but everyone of us is promoting rat race ,not we are only promoting it but are also becoming a part of it..So it teaches us is that ”To make our way by hook or by crook”.

Modern education is teaching us freedom, boldness in every walk of life. But you know, this is obviously totally our fault that we have made a wrong mindset about these words. To be a liberal does not mean that you are a moth spitted person, to be bold does not mean that you are  free to hurt anyone with your words.

It’s true that freedom of speaking is great ammunition through which you can change the orthodox believes of conservative people towards working of women, of the freedom of slaves, but the problem is that we have become senseless, and we don’t have ability to understand it. To be honest our mind is no more than a niche place.

Now a days people are making themselves busy in their own created exasperating routine that deprive them of spending quality time with their families.

This started a gradual shift in education which caused young, malleable minds to drift away from important values. It sought remedy in teaching people to ignore their belief, their faith, and their morals to seek out perpetual equality. You may believe if or not, it is the ultimate truth that modern education, may have its merits but the demerits that it poses are lethal for society.

Earlier people used to provide early education to their children themselves. It consisted of physical training, moral as well as spiritual education. Their mother’s love and adoration taught them compassion, courtesy, patience, emotional intelligence and gives them the mental stability to perform tasks. A mother;s nursing and embrace provided them a lesson of empathy and mutant respect where as a father taught  children strength and strategy, hard and protecting one another. He was the arch hope and head of family. Their grandparents taught them life lessons and aged wisdom.

However modern education confines learning to schools and colleges where students choose a predefined disciplines. They ought to go through and talk and act in a predefined way to be considered ”Educated’ ‘And just because you have colleges and universities does not mean you have education”.

Young children with busy parents to whom their careers are more important than their child’s nurturing are sent to schools where stranger cannot understand their emotional needs. They all go through the same formula and some grading practices which overlooks their individuality’ ‘They live in atrocious world where faith and tradition, honesty, kindness, care is portrayed as stupid and backward.”

In the name of modernization and freedom, parents decide to discard their roles resulting in children’s with turbulent and disturbed personalities. Broken families are raising tattered children due to the parent’s conflicts. ‘Education has become a named tag, a mere certificate that defines one’s worth and social status.”

This leads to the undermining of creativity and imagination. Where modern education has resulted in scientific advancements and numerous facilities, it has distanced families. ”Real family values have gone down the drain in modern families. ‘Now a days parents cower away from their responsibilities and follow the mantra’ ‘All hail modernization” but the young people not need modernization. They directly need authentic guidance, discipline which their misguided educationists cannot provide.

In the end all I want to appeal is that let us combine education and family values. Let us build our children family values. Give your children your time rather than excessive money. Give your children love rather than freedom.

”Let us nurture the practice of family values, by embracing policies that value families.”


This essay is written by Malaika Suleman (Hamdard University, Islamabad Campus) and won Second Prize in Essay Contest 2018 which was arranged by Gold Falcon (A Project of XeCreators)

Aftab Saqib

Aftab Saqib is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at XeCreators. He specializes in designing and conducting training programs related to Web and IT, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and Career Development. In addition, he possesses skills in algorithm design and DevOps management for web applications.

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