According to Abraham Lincoln! Democracy is the Government to the people, by the people and for the people. In Pakistan our constitution requires that the people should select the government through the legal way of election. In Pakistan democracy is the only word well known to our politicians not the democracy?

 Pakistan’s Politics in history:

The history of Pakistan’s politics has been very disappointing throughout the tenure of 60 plus years. The Family Supporting government of PPPP, PML (N), JUI, MQM, PML (Q) and ANP is from beginning. Every time when a well accomplished government is selected by the people that government do not deliver as good as they promise during the election campaign. Occurs when Army take out the government, the democracy which has just taken a root in Pakistan is been destructed by the dictators. They implement Martial Law and their self made rule, regulations are applied. The constitution becomes only a piece of paper. General Ayub Khan, General Muhammad Yahiya Khan, General Zia ul Haq and General Pervaiz Musharraf are the four dictators who ruled in Pakistan for almost 20 years.

Is democracy Important?

Democracy is important for the welfare of the people, in democratic government people has all the rights through which they can live as a free nation .They can oppose the government and can Support the government .Democracy should have delivered to the people according to the human rights in Pakistan. Poverty, Education, Economic development, Religious rule, Patriotism the most important point which is not in the mind of Taliban’s and many other problems which should have been solved by the democratic government. But In Pakistan the decisions in a democratic system are based upon only the will of the majority people present in parliament where the opinion of an honest, well meaning and capable person has no value.

Almighty Allah commands in the Holy Quran:

“Thus we have sent it down, being a command in Arabic, and if you follow their desires, after the knowledge that has come to you there shall be neither a friend for you against Allah, nor a savior.
(Sura Al Rad, Part 13, Ayat 37)

And our founder of Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had said………

Pakistan is made for the betterment of the people living in it. People will themselves select their leader and it’s the responsibility of the Leader to fulfill the needs of the people and work day and night for this Motherland.

Threats to democracy:

The democracy has not strengthened much to make “a democratic state.” The reason is that until now democracy in Pakistan is facing too many threats. These threats contain the internal as well as external factors. Internal threats include political, social, economic, as well as religious which have resulted in the weakening of democracy in Pakistan (Taliban agenda). Lack of mature leadership, Dishonor between the main arms of the state, Martial Law, poor relations between the federal governments and the provinces, corruption, distrust among the politicians, strong bureaucracy and crisis of governance are the immediate threats to democracy in Pakistan.

Is This Democracy or Not:

According to the people our newly PML (N) government is selected through the legal election procedure and we are under the democracy of Pakistan. But the reality is that there seems no democracy in Pakistan. People are just ruined by the present government policies. Government in the four provinces just condemns one another for the bad governance. Punjab government is busy in construction of roads, bridges and Metro bus scheme but no one is responsible for the hungry poor man who has given the poison to their Childs. Is this democracy? Sindh has 84 years old chief minister does believe in the degree may be it is fake or not says “Degree is Degree”. Recently due to poor governance in Sindh many people died due to shortage of food and basic facilities. Is this democracy? Balochistan is the province wants freedom due to immature behavior of federal government. Baloach leaders are angry with the federal government. Is this Democracy? KPK is the province of pakhtoons they has elected PTI for development. But they did not deliver as they said just protest is their agenda. Poor man has burned himself in front of Prime Minister House. This should be literally condemned that construction of projects will not give the people food, water, Education, Justice, Humanity, Islamic state. The real Policy of government of Pakistan should be to give people their basic needs. The PPPP Government said in the previous government “Roti kaprha makan” and they have just drowned the people of Pakistan. Democracy is when everyone in the country has equal rights. No one shed the blood of the other citizen. Masjids are safe place not like bomb blast every month and so the Home Of Allah is not yet safe how we can say that we will live tomorrow?


The world has come to one conclusion with different experiments with different forms of government in history. Monarchy, Oligarchy, military or Civil Dictatorships and similar other forms of the government have all failed, irrespective of the sincere wishes of the individual leaders who came to the tenure through any of these Processes.


This essay was written by Tanveer Khan and won Third Prize in Essay Contest 2018 which was arranged by Gold Falcon (A Project of XeCreators)

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