In a world where moral values are being squandered away for the establishment of corporate agencies which not only destroy the soul of education but do so in an acceptable way to form the perfect alibi in the society. If we peek into human history, Knowledge has been passed on through successive generations to ensure the prosperity of a nation. Education is the deliberate transference of knowledge and it is the only path to progression in a competitive global environment. Without it, a country cannot feel secure about its future. Its human prospects will not be able to enjoy the same opportunities if they are not equipped with knowledge. Education is not the problem in our society; it is in fact the system through which it is conveyed which is flawed. This is corroborated by the fact that the curriculum is similar in most parts of the world yet the skillfulness of individuals after procuring education varies gravely. The only thing culpable is the system.

The system through which knowledge is conveyed to the people of the state at public institutions which are maintained on public expenses (taxes) is called education system. This includes schools, colleges and universities which are constituted and looked after by the government. After passing through these phases of education, students get employment at different institutions, government or private, according to their respective fields.
However, during recent years, a number of complications are being noticed in the educational system. Because of these issues, the students suffer the most. The major cause of this flawed education system is nepotism and corruption prevailing in the society.

Ideally, the student who passes out from the university with respectable grades should get a fair job in his particular field. But what happens is totally contrary to that. In reality, without any nepotism, he suffers a lot to get employment. On the other hand, another student with comparatively less grades easily gets an honorable job because of recommendation. Because of this, the standard of different institutions is falling because low grade students are coming forward whereas the creative minds are lost in the dust. Moreover, it is also changing the mindset of the people as they start to adopt negative ways to get employment. They begin to think that it is no use to waste time to study the respective course , consisting of years of education, rather it is more convenient to study some basic skills illegally which are learnt and practiced readily in a comparatively short period of time. As a result, they end up destroying their intelligence and creativity just to get a decent job.

The government pays funds to the federal ministers which are to be spent for the betterment of educational institutions. But it is a sad truth that these funds are not sincerely spent and instead of falling into the right hands they are ultimately given to those people whose motives are quite contrary for the betterment of education. Their main purpose is the establishment of a corporation to hoard money. Because of this, the condition of the institutions invigorates instead of improving especially in developing countries. As a result, due to this crummy condition of government funded institutions the private institutions are taking over the government institutions whose primary objective is to make money and not to nurture the students. Their academic fees are way too high for the lower class of the society to study in. In this way, education system is more or less transformed into a “business”.

The current educational system is very much restricted to formal education which focuses entirely on the theoretical unit completely ignoring the practical sector. Eventually, informal education, which is indispensable for growing minds, is on all counts, overlooked. Students are entirely restrained to their particular curriculum and the co-curricular activities are altogether neglected. Students utterly focus cramming their syllabi rather than understanding the concepts and using their creativity.

“ We are students of words, we are shut up in schools and colleges, and recitation rooms for ten to fifteen years and come out at last with the bag of wind , a memory of words and do not know a thing.’’

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the major problems which are being condoned in the society is the direct nexus between teachers and students. The teachers are the only members of the education system which are in direct contact with the students and ultimately have the power to bring a negative as well as a positive impact on their upbringing. If this impact is not positive, the students will have to bear the brunt of its negativity. The teachers which are incorporated into educations systems are mostly underprivileged and under-paid to stimulate students to go the extra mile in their studies and also they lack the art of pedagogy which imparts specific skills to the students such as moral ethics and discipline which will not only help them to flourish in their everyday life but also their practical life.

To conclude, educations systems are a hindrance to the proper upbringing of a new breed of generation which ensures a vibrant future for a nation. If the education system is not overhauled, a nation cannot expect to compete in the global market as its human products are not only lacking in many aspects but also the precursors of a bad future.


This essay is written by Waleed Ghazanfer and won Third Prize in Essay Contest 2015 which was arranged by Gold Falcon (A Project of XeCreators)


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