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10 Reasons Why to Use WordPress for Your Website

10 Reasons Why to Use WordPress for Your Website

There are many CMS out there from free to paid. Each of them have there own strengths and weaknesses, so following are few reasons that why should you use WordPress for your website.

  1. WordPress is very popular now a days that 27% of the websites are using it.
  2. It’s free and licensed under GPL v3, Means that will never have to pay for download or using it.
  3. It supports multiple author and have different roles like author, contributor and subscriber.
  4. There are thousands of themes for WordPress out there from free to premium and almost every kind of theme is available.
  5. You are free to customize the themes.
  6. There are thousands of plugins to add or extend WordPress functionality.
  7. It is search engine friendly.
  8. Its very easy to install and you can also install it from your hosting cPanel via softaculous.
  9. Your visitors can comment and you can decide to display them directly or manually approve them.
  10. Its secure! whenever a vulnerability is detected in WordPress, developers are quick to release a fix.

Hello, I am a web designer and developer working since 2013. I build WordPress themes, write and extend WordPress plugins, edit WordPress themes and plugins in accordance to customer needs and play games when free ;-)

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